Huge Sales During Super Bowl Weekend

Food deals


This weekend is a good time to stock up on snacks and drinks that will be on sale for the big game. Chips, dips, sodas, even beer will be on promotion as retailers anticipate an influx of shoppers. While the snacks will get a lot of use during the big game, take the opportunity to stock your pantry for any upcoming social gatherings you may be planning.

Valentine’s Day


Stores will not be crowded during the game, so enjoy a leisurely stroll through the mall to shop for your significant other’s Valentine’s Day gift. Promotions for the holiday are already underway both in stores and online. For those watching the game, pay attention to special branded offers on social media. Super Bowl weekend may not seem like a particularly romantic holiday, but as the game now takes place in February, the sales make sense. Here are some inexpensive ways to celebrate V-Day.



Another option for non-game watchers: Look for discounted movie passes, theater experiences, and other entertainment offers at a discount via and Demand is at a low because of that other attraction (the big game), so you may be able to score some excellent deals if the Super Bowl is not your thing. will be offering BOGO movie passes.

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Mobile deals


According to Brent Shelton of Fat Wallet, “Smartphone users can expect a blitz of exclusive promotions on Super Bowl weekend, especially from direct advertisers.” He adds, “With competition for a piece of a captive audience, consumers will see good deals on everything from food delivery to free apps, music, and more.”



In addition to promotional sales on food, many sales on cookware, disposable plates, food storage, and party prep items will appear for Super Bowl weekend. This is a great time to replace your worn out crock pot and other go-to cooking gear, regardless of whether or not you plan to make a giant batch of queso. (Just don’t bother with the kitchen gadgets you really don’t need.)

NFL merchandise


If you are a Patriots or Falcons fan, the merchandise might not be as discounted, but for fans of other NFL teams not competing in the Super Bowl, now is an excellent time to take advantage of savings on all team-related gear. Save money ahead of fall football by stocking up on fan-related merchandise this weekend. (Don’t forgot to wow your party guests with this Super Bowl trivia.)

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Televisions and game consoles


According to Shelton, “We will see deep discounts on TVs and ‘game-watching’ electronics like streaming media players, high speed routers, sound enhancement/wireless headphones, and other related tech gadgets as well as video game consoles that can stream TV programming.” If you plan to watch the big game, these will come in handy. Or if you just want to upgrade your movie watching set-up, this is a great time to do so. (Entertaining in a small apartment? Here’s how you can still throw an amazing party in a small space.)

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